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Fordham Prep's mission is to form leaders committed to faith, scholarship and service through a college preparatory education in the Catholic Jesuit tradition.
Consolidated Appropriations Act 2023 (CAA) and Your Support

How Will You Leave Your Legacy?

A legacy gift enables you to support Fordham Prep , secure the financial needs of your loved ones, and provides you with tax benefits. Legacy gifts of all sizes help create scholarships and build our endowment, benefit curriculum enhancements, faculty development, global education, athletics, visual and performing arts, technology, and our mission and service programs.

By including Fordham Prep in your will or trust, naming the school as a beneficiary of all or part of a life insurance policy, or taking advantage of other giving opportunities, you can preserve your assets now and support the Prep for years to come. Your gift will have a real, lasting impact.

To learn more, we encourage you to explore the gift opportunities on the following pages. We are happy to assist you in any way we can as you prayerfully consider if one of these options is right for you.

The Shea-McDonough Legacy Society The Shea-McDonough Legacy Society

Since it was established in 1984 and renamed the The Shea-McDonough Legacy Society in 2019, we have welcomed and recognized alumni, parents, friends and other benefactors, who have invested in the Prep as they have their own families. Their gifts -- both modest and large -- have played a critical role in advancing Fordham Prep 's mission to educate young men in faith, scholarship and service to become "men for others." 

Named in honor of longtime Prep faculty members and revered teachers,  Rev. Arthur V. Shea, SJ and Harry L. McDonough, membership in the Society ensures that your legacy includes a meaningful contribution toward Fordham Prep 's long-term stability. All donors who inform us that the Prep is part of their estate plans, which may include a bequest and/or charitable income gifts, such as charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder unitrusts, charitable remainder annuity trusts, or gifts of life insurance, become members of the The Shea-McDonough Legacy Society .

Your membership involves no obligations or solicitations, but does allow us to thank and recognize you throughout the year.  It is our hope that your foresight will also inspire the generosity of others.

If you have already included the Prep in your plans, please let us know so we can properly thank you and make sure your gift will be used as you intend.

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The Shea-McDonough Legacy Society Members

Following is a list of the alumni, parents and friends, living and deceased, who are members of the Shea-McDonough Legacy Society.

  • Mr. Stephen J. Amoretty '58 (RIP)
  • Rev. George E. Appel '31 (RIP)
  • Mr. Robert J. Armbruster '59 (RIP)
  • Mr. John R. Becker '50 (RIP)
  • Mr. Robert W. Bertrand '58
  • Mr. Owen Joseph Black, Jr. '43 (RIP)
  • Robert Brannigan '49, P'74 (RIP)
  • Mr. James M. Callahan '59
  • Mr. Joseph P. Callahan '62
  • Mr. Joseph Caporusso (RIP)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Constantine L. Clemente '54 P’85
  • Mr. Frank J. Colarusso '74
  • The Estate of George X. Connor '39 (RIP)
  • Mr. Joseph J. Connor '62
  • Mr. Richard J. Corallo '43 (RIP)
  • Mr. Edward J. Costello '57
  • The Estate of John J. Cotter '33 (RIP)
  • Mr. Francis R. Coughlin '44 (RIP)
  • Mr. Joseph S. Coyle '53
  • Mr. Robert J. D'Adamo '69
  • The Estate of Bernard J. Daenzer '34 (RIP)
  • Drs. Joseph '55 & Jayne DeFiore
  • Mr. Robert D. DiDiego '45 (RIP)
  • Joe Dirr '64 and Linda Rapuano
  • Mr. James W. DiMarzo '64
  • Hon. & Mrs. Joseph J. DioGuardi '58
  • Vincent DonVito '82
  • Mr. William H. Downs '41 (RIP)
  • Mr. Kevin B. Duff '60
  • Christine Fiorella-Russo (RIP)
  • Mr. John M. Fitzpatrick '58
  • Mr. Dennis J. FitzSimons '67
  • The Estate of Richard Flood '51 (RIP)
  • Thomas Galligan '49 (RIP)
  • Ms. Bernadette M. Garigiliano (RIP)
  • Mr. John M. Geraghty '60
  • Mr. Francis J. Goldsmith '34 (RIP)
  • Mr. Edward Green '57
  • Mr. Frederick H. Grein '64
  • Kevin Guidera '52 (RIP)
  • The Estate of Albert B. Gunnison '31 (RIP)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Hackett '67
  • Mr. Stephen R. Hammond '58
  • Mr. Desmond J. Heathwood '59
  • Mr. Martin F. Hession '33 (RIP)
  • Mr. Edward F. Hickey '46 (RIP)
  • Mr. Peter R. Hickey '62 (RIP)
  • Mr. Kenneth A. Hoffman '61
  • Mrs. Phyllis Corsbie Hyacinthe P'77,'79,'80 GP '99, '08, '08, '15
  • Mr. Mark C. Johnson '70
  • Mr. James G. Kane '44 (RIP)
  • Mr. Edward A. Lang '73
  • Mr. Gene A. Lanza '55, P '78, '80, '84 (RIP)
  • Mrs. Madelyn R. Larsen P'89
  • Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Lavin P'97,'02
  • Mr. James P. Lundy '48, GP'16
  • Mr. Richard D. Mallery '58
  • Mr. Andrew J. Maloney P'81,'85, GP'22 (RIP)
  • Mr. Edward E. Martin '33 (RIP)
  • John T. McCafferty '65 (RIP)
  • Laurie D. McCormack
  • Mr. Thomas F. McEvily '43 (RIP)
  • Mr. John S. McEvoy '46
  • Mr. Walter J. McLaughlin '49
  • Mr. William F. Meehan '70 (RIP)
  • Mr. James P. Melican '58
  • Mr. Daniel P. Minogue '54
  • Mr. Thomas J. Mitchell '62 (RIP)
  • Mr. Anthony J. Mazza '63
  • Mr. Joseph H. Moglia '67
  • Mr. John J. Mooney '35 (RIP)
  • The Estate of Robert M. Mooney '62 (RIP)
  • Mr. Kevin F. Mulvey '62
  • Brian S. Murphy '75 (RIP)
  • Mr. John W. Murphy '53
  • Michael Murray '01
  • Peter Murray '63
  • Vinnie Murray '98
  • Mr. Edward J. O'Connell '30 (RIP)
  • Mr. Francis J. O'Kane '28 (RIP)
  • Mr. Thomas J. O'Neill '52
  • Mr. Joseph G. Opp '64
  • Mr. Daniel M. Ottaviano '69
  • Mr. John Pane, D.D.S. '64
  • Dr. John A. Pane '64 and Elizabeth Bassett
  • Mr. William M. Perry '64
  • Mrs. Mary & James C. Phelan '37 (RIP)
  • Mr. Harold F. X. Plate '46 (RIP)
  • The Estate of William F. Quirk '51 (RIP)
  • Mr. Gregory F. Rinn '57
  • Mr. Irving Roman, Jr. '91 
  • Mr. Joseph G. Rowan '58
  • Mr. Neal Ryan '81
  • Mr. Raymond T. Ryan '32 (RIP)
  • Mrs. Gertrude B. Scanlan (RIP)
  • Mr. Douglas R. Schirripa '70
  • Dr. Bernard M. Schnappauf '42 (RIP)
  • Vin Scully '44 (RIP)
  • Mr. Joseph F. Shepherd '24 (RIP)
  • Mr. John T. Shields '44 (RIP)
  • Mr. John Silvanie '66 (RIP)
  • Mr. Kenneth P. Singleton '79
  • Mr. William M. Skehan '57
  • Mr. Michael J. Sniffen '67 P’89
  • Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence A. Specchierla P'82,'87
  • Mr. August A. Stellwag '49 (RIP)
  • Mr. John J. Sweeney '56 (RIP)
  • Mr. Edward J. Tostanoski '40 (RIP)
  • The Estate of Marianna Tostanoski (RIP)
  • Mr. Gerard B. Tracy '35 (RIP)
  • Mr. William E. Tuite '35 (RIP)
  • Mr. William E. Tuite '66 (RIP)
  • Hon. (RIP) & Mrs. Paul A. Victor '50 P'83
  • Mr. Martin J. Waters '57 P’84,'96 (RIP)
  • The Estate of Frank C. Webster '44 (RIP)
  • Mr. Paul Williams '56 (RIP) and Mrs. Phyllis Williams

Ways of Giving

Gifts From Your Will
General Bequest

Through a provision in your written and executed will, you can make a gift in the form of cash, securities, real estate or personal property. There are many types of bequests. Choose the one that best fits your needs and intentions.

Beneficiary Gifts
Retirement Accounts

Naming Fordham Prep as the beneficiary of a qualified retirement plan asset such as a 401(k), 403(b), IRA, Keogh, profit-sharing pension plan or other donor-advised funds, will accomplish a charitable goal while realizing significant tax savings.

Donor Advised Fund

Designate the Prep as a beneficiary to receive all or a portion of the balance of your Donor Advised Fund (DAF) through your fund administrator. You also can make a grant to us at any time from your donor-advised fund.

Gifts of Stock
Appreciated Stock

When you donate appreciated stocks, bonds, or mutual fund shares instead of cash, you'll receive charitable deductions at full, fair market value while reducing capital gains impact.

Charitable IRA Rollover
Charitable IRA Rollover

If you're 70 ½ or older, you can make a gift directly from your IRA to the Prep . While there is no charitable deduction for a rollover gift, you do avoid the income tax on the donated portion of your required minimum distribution.

Gifts of Property
Real Estate and Other Valuables

Like stock, the fair market value of gifts of appreciated assets such as real estate, artwork, and other well curated collections, can be deducted from your income tax today and reduce your estate taxes in the future.

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There are many giving options available to you, such as naming Fordham Prep as a beneficiary in your will and charitable gift annuities that provide steady income for you and your family during your lifetime. Below you will find the information you need to make a gift to Fordham Prep. For assistance, or to document your gift, please find our contact info below, or submit this form.

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